Tour Diary

**On this page we (Esoterik) share a few backstage photos and stories from every tour we’ve been on. Stories and photos are listed from most recent tour descending to least recent tour.**

L’ame Immortelle Tour with K-Bereit and Esoterik 2014

Location: Germany Towns: Frankfurt, Bochum, and Dresden


Allison and Austin posing for the camera while Brady captures this photo. On the plane to Germany ready for our 10 Hour flight!

IMG_7785 IMG_7789

Once in Germany we go straight to the frankfurt venue to soundcheck and get ready for the evening performance. (The photo above and to the right were Allison’s must haves: Beer, Tour pass and Tour book with all the times listed of where we needed to be.)


Above and left is a photo from soundcheck at the first venue. The photo on the right is of our beautiful tour “van” for the journey.



After being settled in we went to the store next to the venue to grab some much needed alcohol. Pictured above are Allison’s choices… mainly based on the illustrations…because her second job besides being a musician is being an illustrator…So she’s a sucker for some packaging.


Before performing in Frankfurt our Papabat Thomas (From L’ame Immortelle) gifted us with some Austrian food! Pork! Yummy cured pork! You can see the pure joy radiating! 🙂


Photos above are from the second venue in Bochum. The first one was taken backstage directly after Allison had woke up from the tour “van” and the second one was when she was exploring the dance floors before soundcheck.


This photo is from soundcheck at the third venue in Dresden.

 10438644_851958674826056_8828874925244260869_n 10433140_10152925296916908_5580683642205578341_n

             Above are photos of Allison with fellow support band K-Bereit. 🙂


Backstage at the third venue.


Esoterik with our mighty Papabat Commander. 🙂



Above are some wonderful random photographs with L’ame Immortelle members from the third night…


With our tour manager Business Kitten Jenny <3


Above is a photo after we pulled an all nighter from the third and last venue. We all look really good considering. 😉

What an honor and awesome experience to have toured with such talented people…which are now family. 🙂


Nachtmahr Tour with Ludovico Technique and Esoterik 2014

Location: America Towns: Wilmington, New York City, Pittsburg, Detroit, Richmond, Nashville, Houston, and Austin.


In New York with our wonderful great commander Thomas 🙂


Tour meals consisted of Sushi and Lunchables for Allison…. Brady and Austin tended to eat a more well balanced meal. (Allison doesn’t eat much before shows.) Where did we get our lunches? Well scroll to the photo below…



A glorious herd of black clad lovelies hunting the shelves of Wal-Mart for some Noms.


Back at the hotel room after a show with a ton of cool ladies we meet at the Nashville show.


The Nacht-family enjoying some food together at Ihop… We also ate as a nacht-family at two other restaurants…


At one of the two other restaurants Austin decided to play a prank on one of the Ludovico Technique members, Ben T., by telling the waitress it was his birthday when in all realness it wasn’t. If you’re from America you know American restaurants sing Happy Birthday very loud while clapping very loud to you for the whole restaurant to hear and then present you with a dessert of some kind. (pictured above.)

It was priceless to see Ben T.’s face as the waitresses and waiters gathered around the table singing to him.

Below are photos that were taken directly after the event:

1544934_10152376573496908_166499755_n 10246599_10152376573311908_1050238101_n

The person most entertained by this was our German Gregors from Nachtmahr (pictured below)…

1014476_10152376540481908_1737871069_n  1660273_10152376539211908_1208411531_n 1959423_10152376539886908_1313056208_n

“Why is this happening to Groge?!”

Speaking of Groge; Doge meme’s quickly became the mascot of the Nachtmahr tour… so much so that if you fell asleep while in the tour van you absolutely would have a doge meme made out just for you….

10171652_10152384837426908_8478964997468888858_n10155688_10152384837541908_722976710907700092_n10177464_10152384837606908_6706180564528152584_n  10171225_10152386481651908_6096846753346483878_n 10174856_10152384837526908_3919608966112495504_n 10257964_10152384837556908_3469072131891871715_n

There are more of these but I shall keep some a secret. 😉

1977094_10152377385161908_5024713405524928362_n 10007052_10152377390061908_3643775802404730039_n


By the end of the tour we were all one big happy family with memories that will last forever. 🙂