Esoterik @ Matrix (NH019222)Esoterik @ Matrix (NH019208)

“Time 21:00 clock entered the artist to ESOTERIK the stage and laid off immediately. (According to Facebook info they fit in the direction of Dark Wave Synth Pop.)

Front woman and singer Allison Eckfeldt immediately drew everyone’s attention, because her hair was totally cool styled and colored green. There was at that time already many eyes that could look, as the hall from the beginning was really well filled. In addition, I had to respecting amazed that the girl has a super strong voice and they can be super control.

After the first song Allison thanked the guests and explained briefly that ESOTERIK come from America and feel very honored to be playing here in Dresden.

The fact was that she and her two boys Brady and Austin were super good mood. With her positive and energetic show, they managed to remarkably entrain the Dresden audience, which was honored with yet quite rich applause and cheering whistles. (Between ourselves: This is really an achievement, because most Dresdeners are not into something new, sometimes they need a long time before they start playing such shows as new artists.)”

-Emotions of Seasons Review Site. Link to article:

Esoterik @ Matrix (NH019246)Esoterik @ Matrix (NH019277)


“The first thing that my eye is catching is the bright blue hair of singer Allison Eckfeldt. She is singing and dancing wild over stage, performing open and easy accessible songs. Her appearance makes you almost forget Bledsoe and Hayes who accompany her on both sides of the stage behind their keyboards. At times her voice resembles Siouxsie Sioux. But that is also because the music finds their roots from that era. But it has that typical modern sound coming from the digital instruments. ESOTERIK is a nice warming up for the evening and clearly entertaining for the fans that are here for the main act.”

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