Esoterik is a Darkwave, Synth driven, band located in Oklahoma City.
The band was formed in Early 2013 by Allison Eckfeldt and Brady Bledsoe. They combine 80’s Synthpop with Dark Wave and Electronic Dance.
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 Upon the release of Esoterik’s debut album ‘Enlightenment’, in 2014, the band hit the road to embark on their first national tour supporting Ludovico Technique and the “industrial orgy” known as Nachtmahr. Since formation, the band has always felt a calling to the international stage and when the call came in the fall of 2014, they shipped off to Germany in support of L’ame Immortelle. 2137_33572812172_o “With their positive and energetic show, Esoterik managed to remarkably entrain the Dresden audience.Esoterik was honored after performing with quite rich applause and cheering whistles. This is really and achievement, because most Dresdeners are not into something new, sometimes bands need a long time before they start playing such shows as new artists.”

Esoterik’s sophomore album, ‘Atonement’, was released in October 2015 and produced by Rotersand’s own Krischan Wesenberg. Along side the album, also released was the music video for ‘Necrodancer’, the first single from ‘Atonement.

Meet the creative minds behind Esoterik:
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Allison Eckfeldt is Coined “The fucked up version of Cyndi Lauper” by Krischan of Rotersand after one of Esoterik’s performances in Bochum Germany at the Matrix. Allison is the twisted little vocalist of Esoterik and a powerhouse on stage. Allison contributes to Esoterik not only with her vocals but also by writing lyrics and creating all of Esoterik’s album artwork. Allison is well known for her youtube channel ‘The_Goblin_Queen’ (formerly called ‘Kazlovesbats’) which has over 50,000+ subscribers.
 brady bio
 Brady Bledsoe is a musical mastermind and creative force to be reckoned with;
Brady composed all of Esoterik’s songs. He
performs on Vocals, electric guitar, keys and synth. Brady also is the creative mind behind lyrics and writes a great deal of Esoterik’s substance. On stage Brady is well known for his incredible duel Guitar and Keyboard actions.