Esoterik-5459 monoEsoterik is a Darkwave, Synth driven, band located in Oklahoma City.
The band was formed in Early 2013 by Allison Eckfeldt and Brady Bledsoe. They combine Synthpop, Dark Wave and Electronic Dance.
Esoterik’s sophomore album, ‘Atonement’, was released in October 2015 and produced by Rotersand’s own Krischan Wesenberg. At the same time as the album drop Esoterik released the music video for ‘Necrodancer’ the first single from ‘Atonement.’ Esoterik-5368 mono

The second music video to be released for the album ‘Atonement’ was ‘Cup of Life.’ A song that paved the way into Esoterik’s new sound-scape that was lovingly coined ‘Pagan-Synth’ by a fan.

Evolving into the sound of ‘Pagan-Synth’ Esoterik dropped the EP ‘Set Fire to Me’ May 12th,2017 which was mixed, mastered and produced by Gregor Beyerle of Studio Dreamcatcher. The EP’s goal being to prep fans and new listeners for the new 12-track Album due to be released late 2018. The EP included a new music video titled ‘Spirits Light the Way’ which was very well received by fans.

Meet the creative minds behind Esoterik:
Allison Eckfeldt is Coined “The fucked up version of Cyndi Lauper” by Krischan of Rotersand after one of Esoterik’s performances in Bochum Germany at the Matrix. Allison is the twisted little vocalist of Esoterik and a powerhouse on stage. Allison is well known for once being a youtuber under the name ‘The_Goblin_Queen’ (formerly called ‘Kazlovesbats’) which had over 58,000+ subscribers.
 Esoterik-5390 mono
 Brady Bledsoe is a musical mastermind and creative force to be reckoned with;
Brady composed all of Esoterik’s songs and writes a great deal of Esoterik’s substance. Brady is well known for his incredible duel Guitar and Keyboard actions.